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Michelle’s Fabulous Fancy Frenchies came to be due to our new found love of the French Bulldog.  Our five fabulous frenchies are family members, our own personal pets.

Our free range frenchies roam our property daily, while running and playing with one another until their hearts content. We only breed to improve our own brood stock, so breedings are few and far between. We can’t keep them all, so our loss is your gain.

Mimi’s & Diesel’s Puppies

Born September 2, 2020

Luna & Nautico’s Puppy

Born August 26, 2020

Enzo has been sold and is happy in his new home!

Born on  November 19, 2019. Beautiful chocolate male. So handsome with a wonderful temperament.




Male puppy-partial profile

Male puppy-outside

Luna Dam of the litter


Dam of the Litter
Otis Sire of the Litter


Sire of the Litter


Mimi’s Puppies

Born June 28, 2019

Mimi’s Puppies Are Happy in Their New Homes

Mimi's Female Puppy
Earl World Traveler
Sweet Pea (lilac Frenchie) and Admiral Nautico (Platinum Lilac Frenchie)
Luna Dam of the litter


Dam of the Litter
Otis Sire of the Litter


Sire of the Litter


Luna Dam of the litter


Dam of the Litter
Otis Sire of the Litter


Sire of the Litter

Luna’s Puppies

Date of Birth: 02-11-2019

Three females and one male

Luna’s Puppies Are Happy in Their New Homes


Our Fabulous Fancy Frenchies


Nautico (platinum lilac & tan merle covered in cream)
This unique Frenchie is capable of producing any color when bred to a female with the proper DNA
At/At, d/d, e/e, n/KB, N/S, n/M


Mimi (blue that carries cream, tan points & possible chocolate)
Proven producer of lilacs, blues & platinums
n/AY, n/AT, n/n, d/d, n/EM, E/e, n/KB, N/S


Munchkin (black brindle pied that carries blue)
Proven producer of lilacs, blues & chocolates when bred to the proper male
AY/AY, D/d, EM/EM, S/S


Luna (blue sable that carries tan points)
Proven producer of lilac sables & blue with tan points
AY/AT, EM/EM, d/d


Abby (black merle that carries blue)
AY/AY, D/d, n/EM, n/KB, n/M


Tucker (lilac that carries tan points, cream, and chocolate)
Proven producer of lilacs, blues & chocolates
n/AY, n/AT, d/d, n/EM, E/e, n/KB


Diesel (blue and tan cream Pied covered in cream)
At/At, d/d, B/b, e/e, Ky/ky SS and 4 panel clear for Frenchie related genetic diseases



Our Love of Frenchies

Acquiring our American bulldog, Pork Chop, quickly developed into a love for bulldogs.

As often happens with dog owners who pick a particular breed, the breed is now on your radar. Blind to them before, you’re suddenly seeing them everywhere.

With our new awareness of “all that was bulldog,” we started noticing French bulldogs during our travels abroad, on the New York City subways and on YouTube. We completely fell in love with this miniature French bulldog breed. The breed’s adorable “bat ears” and affectionate, charming personality drew us in, not to mention that like their American “cousin,” Frenchies don’t bark much.

Our first two Frenchies, Luna and Munchkin soon sparked our interest in breeding puppies. Since then, our pack has grown into five fabulous fancy Frenchies, and we couldn’t be happier with this addition to our family!

The next step became obvious. How wonderful it would be to share our breeding with other people who also love French bulldogs, a popular breed with its top-notch genetics.

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What You Should Know About French Bulldogs

We love our dogs, are passionate about the breed and are excited to share that with other people who love Frenchies too.
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With more than 15 years of breeders experience, we are excited to be breeding French bulldogs, which is truly our niche.
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Meet our fancy Frenchies, Luna, Abbey, Munchkin, Tucker and Mimi with a variety of colors from blue sable, merle, black and white pied to lilac/blues/creams and lilac/blue and tans.
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French Bulldogs

Premium Quality AKC Puppies


Premium Quality AKC Puppies

We Treat Our Frenchies Like Family

We raise our fur-babies in a fun loving environment and consider them family. They are well adjusted to people, handling and especially car rides. They always travel with us between our two residences in Long Island, New York and Florida (they are snowbirds too).

Are you interested in owning a Frenchie? Reach out to us using our online form or give us a call. We’re happy to answer your questions.

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