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French Bulldogs

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Nautico (platinum lilac & tan merle covered in cream)
This unique Frenchie is capable of producing any color when bred to a female with the proper DNA
At/At, d/d, e/e, n/KB, N/S, n/M


French Bulldog Luna

Luna (blue sable that carries tan points)
Proven producer of lilac sables & blue with tan points
AY/AT, EM/EM, d/d


French Bulldog Abbey


Abby (black merle that carries blue)
AY/AY, D/d, n/EM, n/KB, n/M


French Bulldog Munchkin

Munchkin (black brindle pied that carries blue)
Proven producer of lilacs, blues & chocolates when bred to the proper male
AY/AY, D/d, EM/EM, S/S

The Lilac Twins

Tucker & Mimi



French Bulldog Tucker

Tucker (lilac that carries tan points, cream, and chocolate)
Proven producer of lilacs, blues & chocolates
n/AY, n/AT, d/d, n/EM, E/e, n/KB


French Bulldog Mimi


Mimi (blue that carries cream, tan points & possible chocolate)
Proven producer of lilacs, blues & platinums
n/AY, n/AT, n/n, d/d, n/EM, E/e, n/KB, N/S

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