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About Our Fabulous Frenchies

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Michelle’s Fabulous Frenchies is an AKC French Bulldog breeder now located in Palm Coast, Florida, formally from Long Island, New York. Foremost, we are dog owners, and secondly we are dog breeders. But we also have a passion for letting the world know how wonderful this dog is, which is why we breed.

We love our dogs and are excited about giving them good homes. If you share our love for the breed, we look forward to meeting you. We want to ensure our dogs are placed in caring, safe and loving homes where they receive lots of attention.

About the Breed

The French Bulldog has a short nose and looks much like a miniature British or American bulldog except for its stand up “bat ears.”

Distinguishing features for the breed include:

  • Weight of the average male is from 20 to 28 pounds.
  • Weight of the average female is from 18 to 26 pounds.
  • Average height is from 11 to 13 inches tall.

However, for both male and female French Bulldogs, the ideal weight is dependent on a number of other factors, such as genetics and body shape.

They are very sociable, friendly dogs. A signature trait of this breed is how affectionate they are, getting along well with people and other dogs. You’ll find they are very easy going and one of the most popular breeds in the world. In fact, they were originally bred to be companion dogs, and that also remains their purpose today.

Our Goal and Mission

Our goal and mission is to breed the highest quality Frenchies available in a variety of colors, from the standard to the unique, while keeping the breed hearty and healthy.

Our Guarantee as Breeders

When you purchase a puppy from us, we guarantee that the puppy has received:

  • A vet exam
  • First vaccinations

You will receive the following guarantees from us:

  • One year written health guarantee against genetic defects.
  • Lifetime breeder support
  • Puppy “care package” (food and toys)
  • First vaccinations at 4, 6 and 9 weeks
  • Puppies leave their home after 9 weeks

Summary of Contract and Health Guarantee*

Meet Tucker

Our Handsome Future Stud Frenchie

Meet Tucker

Our Handsome Future Stud Frenchie

Pricing for French Bulldogs

There are many factors that determine the value of the French Bulldog. Genetics, Color and confirmation are some of their attributes which contribute to their worth. Pricing begins at $2500 and increases from there, depending on the individual dog and it’s assessment. That price is based on healthcare, DNA, gender and color.

Why Do French Bulldogs Come at a High Price?

The puppies’ large heads and the mother’s small birth canals make it difficult to give birth naturally. Most females must be bred through artificial insemination, and their puppies are often delivered by c-section. As a result, the birth process can be time consuming and costly.


We prefer not to ship via airline/air freight at all, but we do travel throughout the year up and down the East Coast by car. If the timing is right, we would entertain meeting/delivering one of our pups to a potential buyer on the East Coast from New York to Florida.

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If you have questions or think you might be interested in getting a puppy, we’re glad to talk with you. Use our online form or give us a call at (631) 433-2642.

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